The AZ Wiki

Jedidiah Troyer - (Main Character) An 18 year old Amish man who has signed up for an emigration program that is colonizing the planet of New Pennsylvania.

Amos Troyer - (The SOMA, supreme commander and administrator of the Southern Oklahoma Militia) Jed's younger brother

Dawn Beachy - Customs worker, Transport station, Columbia. Father left the Amish when she was 10, after her mother died. 20ish. Widow of Ben

Ben Beachy - former Amish, banished to Oklahoma for aiding the resistance, died in the Second Transport War

Billy Beachy - Ben's younger brother

Ducky - TRACE member - short, powerful looking man, Pook's second in command

Pook Rayburn - Dawn's cousin - Ben's best friend. Owner/operator Merrill’s Grocery Supply Nexus of TRACE activity in New Pennsylvania and owner/operator Merrill's Antique Shoppe

Will - Trace member

Jerry Rios - Mid twenties, 'giant' gregarious man, traveled on the same transport to New Pennsylvania with Jed

Officer Rheems - Transport Police, Speedwell Galactic Transport Station, Loving County, Texas

Hugh Conrad - Transport Authority, SGT Station

Donavan - A Transport official, New Pennsylvania

Jeff Wainright - Owner Ye Olde World English Tavern, veteran TRACE officer

Martinez - Trace member

Angelo - Trace unit medic

Goa Eeguls - salvager in New Pennsylvania, swarthy, unkempt, chews raw green tobacco

McKay & Warren, Officers on the Tulsa

Trace Council - Councilman Bennings, Councilwoman Reynosa, Councilman Graham

Teddy Clarion - Transport officer, kills Rheems & Conrad, finds Pook's lighter

York Amish Zone in New Pennsylvania

The Zooks - Family who runs the Immigrant Greeting Center, 'Political Amish'

Matthias Miller - Jed's old friend. A young, single man who Jed lives with until he gets his own land

Tom Hochstetler - A close neighbor of Matthias

Arthur Lapp - House used for the meeting where Jed is introduced to the AZ

Elder Bontrager - Amish clinic

Isiah King - Man who tended Matthias after he'd been wounded

The Yoder Clan - Marcus and Elisabeth, a married couple killed by Clarion, and their extended family 'The Farm Bureau'