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This page contains details of key terminology used in the Pennsylvania books. Click on the links for more information where appropriate.

  • Airbus Method of mass transportation by air.
  • Anabaptists Early Amish who met in the woods or a secluded barn for worship.
  • BICE Beta Internet Chip Enhancement. Internet chip implanted in the head. 
  • Dawdi Haus In Amish culture, the Dawdi Haus is usually a smaller home, attached to or near the main house, which the farmer moves into when he retires and sells the farm and main house to one of his children. A large Amish family may sometimes have two or three Dawdi homes where the parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents live and continue to participate as valuable members of the family.
  • Englischers How the Amish refer to the rest of society. 
  • Immigrant Greeting Center The center inside the AZ where Amish new to the AZ are welcomed.
  • Kapp Amish term for the head covering worn by Amish women.
  • Merrill’s Grocery Supply Nexus of TRACE activity in New Pennsylvania.
  • Money Amish (or Political Amish) Not particularly religious; reside with Amish for non-spiritual reasons.
  • Okcillium A nearly undetectable, rare mineral used to power war machines. Silent, gasless, low heat emissions. Pook calls it the reason for the war. Private power, like private transportation, is forbidden by Transport. Fundamentally alters the laws of physics around it when used. Can bend time.
  • Ordnung Amish “rules of the community.”
  • Parallel Earth Where Amos postulates those moved through time actually end up.
  • Quadrille, aka Q The drug given by Transport to make citizens more docile.
  • Richmond Ruling Legislation prescribing and proscribing rights of the Plain People.
  • The Second Transport War Moved the AZs from Earth into the planet’s future (or a parallel Earth?) to be slave-producers for Transport.
  • SOMA Amos’s title. Short for “supreme commander and administrator of the Southern Oklahoma Militia.”
  • TRACE The resistance. 
  • TRACE Optimal Battle System (TOBS) Uses all available wireless broadband data to “perfectly render the battlefield in real time.”
  • TRACER drones Used by Transport to track and kill TRACE fighters.
  • Transport The ruling authority of Earth. 
  • TRIDs Transfer IDs.
  • Unis Currency of Earth.
  • Walls Walls section off the AZ from the rest of the territories